2020 Programme Collection

This year, for the first time in the Fringe’s seven-decade history, we made the difficult but unavoidable decision to not publish a Fringe Programme. We had already developed our theme for the programme’s cover image – working with pop culture illustrator and visual artist Butcher Billy, our plan was to shine a spotlight on the heroes of the Fringe, from the amazing variety of artists on stage to the backstage crew who hold it all together.

Despite not having a conventional programme to publish, we felt – and still feel – that this is a message worth shouting about, arguably even more so now than before. With that in mind, we’ve created range of limited-edition merchandise so you can collect your very own part of the 2020 Fringe and celebrate the programme that never was.

Proceeds from Fringe Shop sales help support the work of the Fringe Society, an independent charity working to support the artists and audiences who together make the Fringe the greatest celebration of arts and culture on the planet.